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Briefcase with 17" screen and DVR

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The VIP security briefcase with dvr is a digital wired and wireless equipment that allows to visualize up to 16 cameras simultaneously (8 wired cameras + 8 wireless digitally encrypted cameras)


  • Wired connection for 8 simultaneous cameras.
  • Wireless connection for 8 wireless digital encrypted cameras.
  • Digital recorder with minimum capacity of 16 cameras during 30 days straight. You can achieve greater capacity depending on the video recording format or amount of simultaneous cameras.
  • Supports video cameras, thermal cameras, advanced thermal monoculars, night vision cameras or fiber cameras. PAL or NTSC depending on the requirement.
  • Diversity wireless receptors - SIMO System (single input multiple output).
  • System control through graphic interface with mouse; optional with touchscreen .
  • Digital encrypted video link with AES256.
  • Visualization on a 17” LCD screen.


  • Wired or wireless control of dome with PTZ.
  • Power supply of 90 minutes of autonomy.
  • Digital or digital encrypted radio communications system
  • Micro inductive headphone

vip security briefcase with dvr

Capacity up to 16 cameras

 1W Transmitters and 5W amplifiers

Thermal and CCTV cameras