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vip security briefcase with dome control

VIP security brieface cameras dome cctv government bodyguards

VIP Security Briefcase

The VIP Security briefcase with dome control is a wired and wireless video equipment that allows to visualize up to 8 cameras simultaneously.


  • Wired or wireless connection for 8 simultaneous cameras.
  • Wired or wireless connection for 8 domes with PTZ, with transmission capacity from 1 to 10 kilometers with omnidirectional antenna.
  • Available versions: digital/digital encrypted.
  • Two interchangeable digital recorders of up to 40hs of continuous recording.
  • Control and visualization connection possibility of third party domes.
  • 17” monitor visualization.
  • Supports video cameras, thermal cameras, thermal portable monoculars of advanced security, night vision or fiber cameras, PAL or NTSC, depending on the requirement.
  • Protection housing for outdoors.


  • Digital or digital encrypted radio communication system.
  • Inductive micro headphone.
  • Uninterrupted power supply of 90 minutes of autonomy.

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