Backed up by world’s class infrared nocturnal vision technology, this camera allows visibility in total darkness over long distances. Rugged, portable and easy to use, it enables swift detailed imaging, provides superior reliability and enhances security for either mobile or fixed applications, in day or night surveillance. 

Features :

  • Uncooled FPA technology
  • High resolution, 384 x 288 pixels
  • 100 mm infrared lens
  • RS232 cable
  • Digital recording to notebook
  • Electronic zoom 2X and 4X, by interpolation (no mosaic)
  • Accurate long-range detection: incorporating a state-of-the-art FPA detector and advanced optics, the camera can track vehicles at distances longer than 3 km through smoke or fog. 2x and 4x electronic zoom enhances further the ability in identification
  • Easy to Use, four buttons carry out all the orders to operate the camera. Automatic gain and offset control enables you to get high quality images from switching on.Crisp and sharp imaging: With a thermal sensitivity of 0.08ºC, the camera detects and captures extremely small temperature differences in high-resolution, crisp 16-bit thermal images. Automatic non-uniformity calibration at regular intervals keeps image noise-free even after long- time operation.

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themal  viewfinder monocular camera imager


thermal viewfinder