This thermal imaging system greatly facilitates the modernization process of armored vehicles or tanks: provide night vision capability for tank gunners and commanders, work with fire-control system to enable move-to-move firing.  
This equipment integrates high performance IR thermal imager, interface controller and intelligent tracing software.
Detect tanks over 8 km, and recognize them over  4.5  Km  in  total  darkness  at night. It features compact & robust mechanics, and can be installed tightly within tanks or armored vehicles so as to replace night vision goggles and work in all kinas of severe applications conditions.


  • Upgrade tanks to the latest version
  • Digital image stabilization software integrated
  • Fast dual field of view system and digital zoom
  • Communicate with fire-control system and gun-control system to realize auto information download, re-sighting, auto tracking, image stabilization and auto firing.
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Powerful function and high reliability



 thermal system for tanks night visión infra red IR fire system military

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thermal system for tanks