Ultra slim and light thermal sight for guns, it can penetrate through haze, smoke, rain, snow and total darkness to track a target difficult to observe by the human eye, in daytime and nighttime .  High accuracy for night vision, identification, tracking, analysis, etc.



​For any type of guns: AK47, KBU88, BCK-94, CB-98, CB-99, B-94, OB-96, OSV-96, M21, M24, M90, M99, L42A1, L96A1, M85,AW50FT, FR-F1, FR-F2, PGM, PSG1, MSG90, G22, SP66, SG2000, SG3000, QLZ-87, QLL91, M79, X148, M203, HK89A1, HK79, etc.-


  • Uncooled FPA technology
  • High accuracy sighting  (reticule center can be adjusted ¼ pixels)
  • Rugged and sealed
  • Easy operation
  • High performance electronic optic
  • Powerful function  and high reliability
  • Works through 3-5 hours with a Li-ion standard battery.
  • High compatibility, easy mounting, can adapt to any type of guns.
  • Small, light size.
  • 10 kinds of scale line can be rewritable and input by the user
  • Low energy dissipation
  • Three available models.​


thermal sight for guns night visión military

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thermal sight for guns