Products for security agencies

 portable thermal system

thermal viewfinder

Allows visibility in complete darkness over long distances, thanks to the infrared thermal vision. Fast detailed image capture. Robust housing, portable and easy to use.

Main provision of the armament system of antitank missiles, specially equipped  to enhance response capacity  in night fight.

Portable sight for SAM systems, with different types of networking options for the early warning and for proper laying towards the approaching target.  Allows nocturnal launch of missiles, radar communication, foresee the direction of approaching  fighters and much more.  

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Antitank missiles IR themal sight

Products for  Military

Ideal for upgrading used tanks: provides night vision capability for tank gunners and commanders, and works with fire control systems to enable move-to-move firing. 

multifunction IR portable thermal camera

thermal sight for guns

thermal cameras 

thermal system for tanks  

 thermal cameras imagers monocular sight guns weapons tanks military security

Thermal night sight with network functions

Aerial or ground surveillance, uses GPS or laser telemeter to measure distances. High sensibility, long range detection. Standard interface guarantees  easy integration.

Ultra slim and light thermal sight for guns, high accuracy night vision, identification, tracking, analysis, etc.


Pocket size thermal camera, measures temperatures with precision without  contact with the object. Ultra slim and light, size is similar to a mobile phone.