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digital / analog telephone lines analyzer 

Analyze Digital and Analog Phone Systems and wires for eavesdropping threats


  • Digital Demodulation confirms that a line on a digital phone system is not passing audio when it must not do it .

  • Frequency Domain Reflectometer (FDR). Similar to a TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer) but based on a different technical approach, the device can “shoot” a line for impedance anomalies indicating a tap on the wire.

  • Includes a Non-linear junction detection test to detect electronics connected to an isolated line.

  • High Gain Audio Amplifier and Built-in Audio Oscilloscope

  • RF Analysis and Detection, includes a Spectrum Analyzer that provides a detailed frequency spectrum display up to 85 MHz

  • Multi-Test Database System, provides the ability to store test data for all testing functions in a database structure. This database provides the ability to organize and store results for future review or comparison.

  • Harmonic Locator Probe that also acts as a Harmonic Receiver, alerting the user as the tracer approaches electronics connected to a wire. This allows the user to not only trace a wire, but also determine the location of any electronics connected to the wire such as an eavesdropping device


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Harmonic Locator Probe