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surveillance vans

Surveillance van

surveillance vans interceptor gsm communications facial recognition 1 km government

Mobile units equipped with different technologies  for operations of concealed surveillance, configured according to the customer’s needs.

Basic equipment suggested:

  • Day/Night camera system with laser illumination untraceable by night vision. Laser telemeter. Facial recognition to 1km in total darkness.

  • Communication jamming system (selective or total blocking)

  • IMSI catcher GSM/3G/4G. Allows to identify every cellphone that are located in reunion with the target.

  • Tactical equipment for communication interception.

  • Tactical microphones kit

  • Surveillance GPS systems.

The equipments can be fixed inside the vehicle, or be removable from the unit for field work. We can offer this product with vehicle included, or adapt one provided by the customer.

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