Cameras system for police vehicles for recording of events inside and outside the mobile. It is composed by a smart holder designed by our company, external long reach night vision camera, 2 secondary external cameras, 1 interior camera in the cabin, digital recorder, monitor and camera control in front of the companion seat.

The holder docks to the beacons and with the cameras provide a vision that police mobiles didn’t have up to date. It counts with a 360º robotic camera , front, posterior and internal cameras. With this add on grants  a vision that covers all the exterior, also the interior will be protected with the camera in the vehicle’s cabin.

The system also includes a monitor for visualizing all the cameras simultaneously or once at a time. All the footage will be recorded to be used in case it is necessary. The robotic camera is controled with an user friendly joystick.

Cameras features

a) A 360º robotized camera with IR laser illumination designed by our company. (4W)

  • Day mode:

               Detection 600 meters

               Recognition 300 meters

    • Night mode

                   Detection 400 meters

                   Recognition 200 meters

    • Auto day/night mode
    • Movement controlled via joystick 

    b) Two cameras, front and rear, with infrared illumination.

    • Day/night mode
    • Detection range 8 meters

    c) One internal infrared camera inside the vehicle


    The system includes a mobile digital recorded (mdvr) that allows to record video in a continued way, which is designed to endure rough movement. It includes several recording modes, different video qualities to extend or limit memory capacity, rewriting mode to prioritize the last recordings and other configurations that simplify and aid in the detection of incidences. It also includes safety measures that allow that only authorized personal can access the recordings.

    See review of the project in the Province of San Juan (Argentina)

    Smartpatrol cars intelligent police vehicle night visión camera gps mdvr 

    Screen and joystick 


    360º robotic camera and holder

    Smart patrol cars

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