Products cellular interception systems GSM 3G audio video transmission thermographic camera fiberscopes satellite monitoring electronic countermeasures jammer night vision surveillance vehicle

Vehicles equipped with a range of surveillance systems

Tactical and penitentiary systems to prevent attacks and remote explosive detonations by different frequencies.

Multiple applications for police departments, armed forces, penitentiaries and business security

Countermeasures integrated systems - Counter surveillance probe - Telephone lines analyzer - Non-linear junction detector - Refllectometers and more.

Automatic vehicle location - Anti-kidnapping button for persons - Vehicle monitoring personal system -  Armored vests with GPS.

Night vision monocular with different lenses

Fixed or tactical surveillance

Security agencies series - Military series

Analog, digital and encrypted systems - Hidden cameras for govermental application.

Tactical cellular interception systems for GSM and 3G networks - Tactical triangulation systems - Nationwide triangulation systems - Detection of tactical interception equipments