Audio and video transmission and reception kit composed by devices of varied complexity, they make this briefcase a versatile and essential tool for tactical groups. Its design was thought based in the diverse situations that can be presented in the field, providing multiple operation options according to the targets to be covered.


  • 1 super high resolution B/W pinhole camera, composite audio and video NTSC. 768 x 492 pixels. Sensitivity 0.2 lux. Camouflage: Black buttons and Phillips screws (different sizes)
  • 1 B/W pinhole camera, composite audio and video NTSC, Sensitivity 1.0 Lux. Camouflage: silver female brooch.
  • 1 B/W pinhole camera plaque-type, resolution 425 visible spectrum and near infrared. A/V composite NTSC. Dimensions: 3 x 3 cm.
  • 2 audio/video transmitters (1.2 Mhz). Power: 3W, range 1500 meters.
  • Audio/video 4 channels receptor. Monitor and receptor system independent power supply.
  • Mini portable security recorder, with 2Gb SD card. Recording capacity: 10 hs. Dimensions: 65x90x29 mm
  • 1 B/W NTSC pinhole camera. Sensitivity 1.0 Lux. Camouflage: Cigarette box.
  • 40 hours DVR, display on 3.5” LCD screen or TV output.
  • 2 audio/video transmitters. Power: 1W, range 800 meters.
  • Antennas, power sources and connection cables.
  • 17” LCD screen.
  • Quad- Capacity of simultaneously watching 4 cameras, or setting cameras in full and reduced screen at the same time.

Characteristics and applications.

  • Complemented with audio and video repeater, with transmission capacity up to 1,5km in line of sight. Using the 2.5W transmitter plus the repeater, you can achieve a transmission range up to 3Km in line of sight approximately.
  • Telescope with audio reception for long range surveillance
  • Night surveillance system with video reception
  • Infrared illumination
  • Receives a fiber camera (not included) and supports thermal cameras and thermal sniper sights with video transmission for judicial evaluation.

Optional kits:

Fiberscope with wall contact microphone

Thermal sight with video transmission

3ºGen Night vision system, monocular or binocular, plus video transmission. Surveillance range: 200 meters approx.

premiun briefcase security cameras telescope long range optical surveillance


premiun briefcase with telescope

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