portable thermal system thermal image pocket camera

Different palettes

  • Unpararelled design, similar to a mobile phone.
  • Noise-free 16 bits thermal images
  • Built-in visual camera for more efficiency
  • Clear visual and thermal images capture, detecting extremely small temperature differences in high resolution. IR Localizer ( Class 2 semiconductor laser) to associate a hot spot from the thermal image with a real physical objective.
  • Automatic indication of the hottest spot and the center of the image: A cursor remains still to indicate temperature from the center of the image for analysis reference, and another cursor shows the hottest spot.
  • Multiple measurement modes: Simultaneous 4-areas & 4-spots analysis , line profile, isotherm analysis and electronic zoom function.
  • Ultra-large in-field capacity ( 8Gb flash memory). Each image can consist in thermal or visual images, with voice recordings if desired.
  • Audio alarm will automatically trigger for a spot with temperature exceeding you preset value
  • User friendly software, wide range temperature measurement, image processing, report generation, etc ( Windows platform)
  • USB Connection and cable for downloading to PC file, readings, voice and digital video, etc. Also, it allows to charge the battery through the interface

    Industrial applications

  • Location of isolation flaws in medium/high voltage tranformers
  • Location of current leakage and current interference in medium/high voltage electrical wiring.
  • Superficial temperature distribution measurement.
  • Corrosive liquids temperature measurement
  • Hot spots verification in equipment and materials, prior to its handling/transfer.


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Pocket sized thermal camera, combines a consistent inspection capacity with easy operation. Accurate non-contact temperature measurement. Ultra-compact and slim, last generation design similar to a mobile phone.


portable thermal system