Detects hidden electronic devices by transmitting a RF signal and receiving harmonic returns, regardless if the device is irradiating or turned on.  

Features ​​​​

  • Frequency Hopping function, increases detection reliability working on wideband frequency. 

  • Sintetized transceiver, provides frequency stability and fast auto-searching on clean operation frequencies (880-1005Mhz, 902.2-927.8Mhz for United States)

  • Advanced digital signal processing algorithms 

  • Transmition and reception antenna

  • Audio demodulation, including AM /FM and tones ID modes 

Optional Tool Kits 

  1. ​Metals detector for non-destructive wall test
  2. RF wire locator and multimeter for different wires test
  3. Hammer with rubber head for evaluation of a circuit stability under vibration
  4. Multipurpose screwdriver with small drill bit (use with borescope)
  5. Tools: tweezers, wire cutters, inspection mirrors, torch, UV light, UV pen, drill bit for walls, etc. 

Control remote software - Optional

  • Allows the user to control the system from a PC serial port. 
  • Keeps the user at a safe distance when detector is used in potentially dangerous environments. 
  • Possibility of blocking functions and adjustments. 
  • It can be used for previous scan of suspicious packages, before the X-Rays scanner. 
  • Available with a tripod and mounting bracket 

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non linear junction detector  NLJD hidden microphones detector  


non linear junction detector