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Night thermal sight military SAM systems 


Portable sight for SAM systems, with different types of networking options for the early warning and for proper laying towards the approaching target. Enable missiles´ night firing, communicate with radar, foresee the direction of approaching fighters, await fighters´ approach, sight and fire



​SAM Systems

Target acquisition, reconaissance
QW1, QW2, FN3, FN6, Igla, RPG-29N, RPG-7, RPG-22, RPG-75, RL-83, ACL-APX.


  • ​Passive action, enables safety
  • Small size, light weight & fast response
  • Available for any SAM with different mounts
  • Easy assembly & disassembly with missiles, compatible with various SAMs. 384x288 high-performance detector.
  • Electronic zoom: interpolating method, no mosaic, high image quality, 2x, 4x available.
  • Electronic compass: locates targets, enhances firing accuracy.
  • Manually input target information: settle the problems which made by digital transmission.
  • Calculate the velocity and direction of target according to the flying track from multi-points information of target.
  • Integrated electronic boards & advanced DSP technology: enables the small size, light weight and compact structure.

​The system includes battle information transmission or observation functions. The battle information transmission system includes software, sender and control box. Information process or observation part is the thermal imaging system. In the information station, the sender control box will send the information to the receiver control box, and then the receiver control box will resend the information to the thermal imaging system via the wireless serial port. Thermal imaging system will automatically measure the current system angle via the inner electronic compass; current geographical position shall be measured via the inner GPS in the receiver control box; target information shall be sent to the thermal imaging system by the information station via the sender control box. Soon, with the above three information are collected, the thermal imaging system can precisely work out the accurate target position and display on the screen, so as to guide the operator to observe the target


night thermal sight with network functions