THIS SYSTEM IS EXCLUSIVE FOR GOVERNMENT AGENCIES. The implementation requires the access to the cell phones companies infrastructure. The acquiring agency shall obtain the cooperation of cell phone companies to perform the installation. 

Main advantages:

  • Using of existing network
  • Online location 
  • Live interception or delayed reproduction of files. Files re-transmission to cellphone of personnel on street.  
  • Open to new software implementation for processes automation
  • Very good approximation in high density BTS zones
  • Record and statistical processing
  • Additional information such as incoming/outgoing calls, SMS, internet access, etc.
  • Minimun interception capability per national center:  300  landlines, 300 cell phones, and 300 informatic systems at the same time.
  • Expandable in 100 targets modules.   

An informatic system connected to the cellular central donwloads the cell data, and the channels taken by the loaded targets. The data is sent via IP network to the different visualization interfaces, that show the information as follows:

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gsm 3g cell phones interception triangulation tactical nationwide level passive active 

The system allows to perform the interception and location of the cell phones from a surveillance center. The performance is based on triangulation, by measuring the control channels of the cell phones companies. 

Basic schem: Each cell phone is taken by one or several BTS (the closest ones, normally).  Once you know the BTS´ positions, the nearby BTSs, its distribution density, the data is crossed and processed by an algorithm, and locates the cellphone on a map. The next picture shows the process.

Tactical interception / triangulation system - nationwide level