Dual-band jamming system for cellular communications, 100W output per band.

Optional power: 200W, 360W, 400W per channel. More power per channel available on request, please consult delivery times.

The jamming range depends on the jammer power, the jammer antennae, and the jammer location related to the BTS.

Remote supervision through the control center, high security long range RS485 communication. The system allows several devices on a network, with no units limit. We also have integration platforms to CCTV systems for prison applications

The power supply is 220 o 110 VCA, with 2 or 4A current respectively

The jammers are manufactured as independent units, but can be controlled in a centralized way with a single control center, as shown in the pictures. This allows to have an unlimited coverage by installing the jammers in a grid form.

jamming system - 100 Watts output

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Mobile phone jammer


mobile phones jammer  signal blocking jamming 100W output


Our jamming systems are custom-made, to cover, protect and override communications of any type of RF. They are though for penitentiary needs, break ins, hostage taking, avoid remote detonations, in fixed situations or transport cars (?), avoid the activation of informatics viruses via cellular or wifi in phones/communication devices with aerial connections, in technologic forensics analysis.

The jammers are only made under request of government agencies and their  capacities cover even low military frequencies.

Operation principle

Frequencies jamming systems are built to prevent communication between two devices that use RF as link, being military or expert instrumental. Therefore the activation of explosive devices operated using the RF link are inhibited and their activation is prevented. When RF is used as link for the activation of explosive devices, unwanted communications, remote activation of spy viruses, with these systems, this type of operations are inhibited. The jamming systems provide protection for the personnel and integral preservation of technological forensics proofs.

Protection range

The protection range provided by each jammer is approximately 100 meters for triggering devices with RF power below 1W, 10 meters for triggering devices with up to 100W and 100 meters for devices that operate using cellphone technology (GSM, 3G, 4G). These ranges belong to the portable version (suitcase), and can be increased if the system is installed on a fixed location with at the proper height. 

jamming systems

Remote supervision (ON)

Mobile phones jammer