Traffic information analysis:

  • SMS Sending / reception
  • Traffic channels assignment / release
  • Connection / disconnection to GSM network , ID by IMSI
  • Authentication (RAND Challenge)
  • Encryption method  (A5/2-1-0).
  • Confirmation of mobiles paging 
  • Acceptance / rejection of mobiles location within the BTS coverage area 
  • ID Request by  IMSI/IMEI; IMEISV; or TMSI.
  • Services request/rejection (emergency call, normal outgoing call, SMS, supplementary services, etc.)


  • Reception frequencies: 4 GSM bands, 800/900/1800/1900 according to the selected GSM channel.
  • Target ID by IMSI/TMSI
  • Traffic analysis of control channels:  BCCH (Broadcast Control Channel) / CCCH (Common Control Channel) / SDCCH (Stand Alone Dedicated Control Channel)
  • Structure ID of selected GSM channel
  • Constant monitoriong of selected GSM channel
  • Integrity measurement of digital data / analog signal of GSM channels
  • BTS information analysis: MCC (Mobile Country Code) / MNC (Mobile Network Code) / LAC (Location Area Code)

GSM Tactical interceptors detection system

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GSM tactical interceptor detection system

This system allows the detection of targets and all kinds of GSM devices within the coverage area, by analizing the communication between the GSM device and the BTS.  Moreover, it detects active or semi-passive GSM interceptors. Consisting of GSM protocols decoding boards, notebook, omnidirectional antenna and carrying case.