Cell phone interception system

Portable configuration

General Specifications

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Cell phone interception system  

Portable configuration

Cell phones interception system  Desk configuration 

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GSM 3G 4G tactical interception system active passive cellphone

Our Cellphones Interception Systems have different modules that capture incoming/outgoing voice calls and text messages over GSM/3G Networks.

General Features:

  • Real Time interception for incoming/outgoing voice calls and SMS on targets over GSM / 3G networks.
  • The system allows the simultaneous interception of several targets, depending on the quantity of available RF channels (passive interception) and  communication modules (active interception) at the moment of performing the interception.
  • Support A5/1 & A5/2 ciphering algorithms
  • Totally undetectable for cellular companies and/or targets.
  • It works on 2G / 3G /4G
  • Continuos working, even if the target it is not using the cellphone.
  • Commands are executed on a graphic interface running on Windows OS.
  • Intercepted calls are saved in WAV. format, so it´s easy to copy them to a pen drive and play the files on any PC.
  • All the communications (voice and SMS) are 100% encrypted with the same algorithm used by the cellphone company.
  • It works with every cellphone company on every GSM band.
  • The interception distance could be as far as 5500 meters, depending on the landscape and the power output using amplifiers.  It could reach up to  1 Km in rural areas.  
  • There is no need for a "Correlation tool", because target phones are identified by phone number, IMSI,  IMEI and/or TMSI.
  • Filters for communications search
  • Its network settings allows to have the modules geographically distributed and command them from a unique control center.

Optional Features:

  • Target localization by radiogoniometry.
  • 3G  / 4G Interception using a Decryption System with a super computer - Computing power from 564 TeraFlops (1 hour) to 3384 PetaFlops (1 minute) -
  • Local Network Mode: The system provides cell phone network within a no coverage area, resending the communications by other means (landline, wireless link, internet, etc.)
  • Closed Network Mode: The system works as a small cell phone network for specific phones, allowing communications between them without using the cell pones companies networks.

gsm/3G/4G tactical interception systems