• Lawyers
  • Politicians
  • Security companies
  • Private bankers
  • Investors
  • Celebrities
  • Entrepreneurs
  • High net-worth individuals 


encrypted cellphones secure communications encryption no app  mobile phones

Hardware + software solution for secure communications, using end-to-end encryption. Unlike downloadable applications of secure software, which can’t be isolated from other installed softwares, this integral solution guarantees confidentiality since it protects every aspect involved in a mobile device: hardware, OS, applications, data traffic, networks and servers infrastructure.

Global Service
Quad-band GSM, UMTS and CDMA all supported. Unlimited international SIM included (120 countries)


  • Built on the basis of a high-quality Android phone to maximize CPU and graphic’s power.
  • Last-generation touch screen
  • Operates both in WIFI and cellphone networks.
  • Back cover sealed to prevent unwanted access.
  • Cameras and mic have been removed to avoid remote activation. 

Guaranteed Anonymity ​​
 No way to associate device or SIM card to customer account.

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Easy to use

Android System 
Friendly interface to avoid mistakes that could leave the user exposed. 

Three types of communications
Voice calls, chat s and emails encrypted in a single device.


  • Data leak prevention in business decisions
  • Communication security in police operations
  • Absolute secret in sensitive political decisions
  • Total encryption for password communications

encrypted Mobile phones

Self-destructing messages
User can force wipe their own messages from another user’s device using a timer countdown.

Emergency Erasing
From screen lock the user can type in a PIN and instantly wipe device’s data