Detects and locates most types of electronic surveillance devices up to 12 GHz, such as microphones, hook switch bypass, etc. Working with other programmed detection systems, locates all kinds of devices within the coverage area. 



  • Portable Sweep Kit - provides a wide range of countersurveillance tools
  • Multi-Functional Utility - includes probes to detect RF transmitters (audio and video), carrier current transmitters, IR transmitters, telephone bugs, and acoustic leakage.
  • Wideband Coverage - from 15 KHz to 12 GHz.
  • Acoustic Leakage Probe - determines vulnerability of structural acoustic leakage.
  • Auxiliary Audio Input - allows user to listen to telephones or lines even though the phone is hung.  Miscellaneous wiring can be tested for audio.
  • Probes have built-in pre-amps for increased sensitivity



  1. BROADBAND MICROWAVE PROBE 2GHz – 12GHz directional probe, detects and locates modern surveillance devices including frequency hopping transmitters. 
  2. RF SNIFFER PROBE 10MHZ – 3GHz probe, pinpoints surveillance devices in RF rich environments where the standard probe can be saturated with RF energy. 
  3. ACOUSTIC LEAKAGE PROBE. Evaluates the vulnerability of acoustic leakage through structural objects (i.e. walls, windows, air ducts, etc.). Response frequency: 50 Hz-10 kHz.(depending Sensitivity: Optimized for voice detection.


Additional Probes 

  1. STANDARD RF PROBE. Response frequency: 50kHz–3GHz ± 3dB. Preamp Gain: 20dB nominal. Sensitivity: –62dBm (1 segment). Audible Sensitivty: –85dBm M.D.
  2. INFRARED PROBE. Response frequency: 10kHz to 5MHz. Wavelength: 725 – 1150nM Viewing Angle: ±40º
  3. VLF CARRIER CURRENT PROBE. Response frequency 15kHz to 1MHz ±3dB. Sensitivity: –38dBm (1 segment). Audible Sensitivity: –50dBm M.D.L.. Max Input Voltage: 300VAC 50–60Hz 

 12 Ghz hidden microphones detector counter surveillance probe

counter surveillance probe

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