Small briefcase with hidden cameras, DVR and 7" screen.

vip security briefcase with dvr 



Analog, digital encrypted audio video transmission  systems  Hidden cameras  govermental application government VIP security briefcases

Wired and wireless digitally encrypted video equipment that allows to visualize up to 16 cameras simultaneously (8 wired and 8 wireless).

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In those  situations when concealed audio and video transmission is needed, we usually find two types of users: on the one hand, those who have to adapt to variable situations and need a flexible product; and on the other, those who need to cover similar events (ie, conversations) and look for a ready to use product. For the first ones, we have audio and video transmission briefcases, which are provided with  technical-operative training on assembly, wiring and hidden camera mounting, offering the user total independence to install and remove them as many times as necessary. And for the other, we can offer mounted hidden cameras systems like those that can be found in any spy shop.

In both lines, the product design is flexible: manufacturing them gives us the possibility of building these systems according to the specific needs of each customer. Our spectrum of briefcases is available in 3 different technologies: analog, digital, or encrypted digital (MIL)

audio / video transmission systems   

Audio and Video transmission and reception kit composed by varied complexity devices, ideal for tactical groups. Includes a telescope with a CCTV camera for long range optical surveillance.

detective briefcase

Wired and wireless video equipment that allows to visualize up to 8 cameras simultaneously.