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antitank missiles IR themal sight night vision military armament infra red

The IR thermal sight is the main provision of the armament system of anti-tank missiles. It is mainly equipped to enhance the response capacity in night fight, and it works perfectly in poor visibility days and at night.

Main tasks

Reconnoiter the enemy
Follow and aim the target
Watch the shooting result

Search, discover and identify the target, including concealed objectives and in thick fog, which are hard to find with visual light cameras.


Equiangular transformation system with innovative combination: The equiangular transformation system comes out of the axis calibration device, lighten the system weight, saves time in lens/axis calibration and reduces the departure time before fight.

Optics with special treatment, resistant to extremely harsh climates

  1. IR optical lens simplify the design of the structure of the lens, light weight, reduced size, enhance the image quality
  2. Built-in design for structure of the lens, with good tension and filled with dry hydrogen
  3. Sealed fluid perfusion with good elasticity and operation in high/low temperaturas, assures resistance to vibrations, blows and thermal variations
  4. Covered diamond film for external surface of the first piece of lens, improves the speed of the film cover and ensures sand/dust resistant.

Special steps taken to ensure the resistance. Strict test have been realized to guarantee its right adaptation to the environment: strokes, vibrations, rain, humid heath, electromagnetic interference and low temperatura, etc.

Multi-functional processing software:

  • Mobile electronic reticulum
  • Electronic zoom 2x and 4x, non mosaic
  • Black / heat or White / heat convertible display
  • Powerful signal processing circuit that allows the image processing
  • It automatically recognizes the environment temperatura and optimizes the detector operation
  • Programmable integrated circuit and in large-scale with high performance DSP as base, processing of full digitized image, and available signal control work mode

Easy connection to the armament system through slots: compact and mechanical connection with the armament system that guarantees high efficiency in fight.

Video output: PAL

Digital recording and monitoring to  Notebook


antitank missiles IR thermal sight