Maxxsa Group  - About us -

We guarantee excellence in every step of the business, transferring our company´s philosophy to the customer.  The international position we have reached made of us a permanent consultation source by government agencies and security forces around the world. 

Our commercial department will keep you informed about products and systems developments, helping you to create new business and/or applications.



Update and customer service 

Having our softwares and systems under registered under Brands and Patents laws protects our business,  therefore, your business.

Protected Business

Our laboratories are equipped with the latest instruments, and permanent stock of national and foreing components. This allow us to maintain, repair and perform the quality control of equipments in mínimum time.

Maintenance and repair

Turnkey projects design and implementation


choosing us

Our company has been founded on the concept of technology applied to investigation, control and audit of networks in government agencies.


We are mainly dedicated to development and manufacturing of intelligence equipments and varied security systems, all of them with flexible design adaptable to customer needs. We also have commercial products for  private security area, and other product range for military applications.


With 14 years experience, we have strong presence in national and international markets, providing intelligence and counterintelligence comprehensive solutions for government agencies, tailored to their needs.

Our Systems and Informatic department is in charge of software development, support and update, making us from imported systems know-how. We offer our customers 100%  warranty and systems protection.

We are the only company that offers 1 year written warranty (mínimum). This helps the customer to avoid risky investments as usually happens when acquiring foreing equipments, losing the chance of claim, repair or change.

In-house developed software and hardware

Factory Warranty

No risk investment

You can check the performance of out products in Argentine before setting your order, under stricts tests conditions. This is the most important advange for the future customer, avoiding investment risks for uncertanty about the compatibility with local systems and networks.

Among the executed Works: Intelligent cameras systems for police cars, Surveillance vans, national level interception systems and cellular communications location, RF triangulation centers, panic buttons with message sending and satellite location option, etc.


Our R+D staff consists of specialists from different areas: telecommunications, encryption, electronic, private and public security, etc.  Our team allow us to offer highly customized products. 



Designing and manufacturing our products gives us the following competitive advantages: